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Amish Condiments

Amish Salsas:
 medium unless noted otherwise.
$8 each OR buy 3 and get 1 FREE!

      Apple       Black Bean & Corn           
Cherry                           Fire Roasted          Mango                          Habanero (VERY HOT)     

Miscellaneous - pint size unless noted otherwise:
Pickled Garlic Cloves (12 oz) $8
Pickled Sweet Tiny Beets $8
Sweet Fire Bread & Butter Pickles (20 oz) $8

Small batch fruit butters in ever-changing flavors $5

Please understand since we do not make the Amish products, we do not have control over availability or cost. We will do our best for you. If there's something special you want us to watch for, just ask. 

Shown below are Pickled Garlic, Pepper Relish, Sweet Fire Bread & Butter Pickles and Pickled Sweet Tiny Beets.

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