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Honey...Raw or Liquid
PURE Maple Syrup

PURE Maple Syrup:  $15 for 16 oz

: 11 oz jars for $8
24 oz jars for $15
48 oz jars for $25
(Clover with Basswood Blossom)

SQUEEZE Bottle HONEY: 16 oz for $8
From Wisconsin:
Clover, Cranberry Blossom Raspberry Blossom and Wildflower
Also available but they aren't local:
Blueberry Blossom     Buckwheat                     Orange Blossom     Raspberry Blossom    

Misc. HONEY: Just ask us...we have access to
Bee Pollen - $15
Whipped Honey - $8
Honey Comb - $20
Bees Wax - $9
Honey Stix - $1 per bundle of 4

unpasteurized, unprocessed. The unique properties in raw honey are difficult, or impossible, to find elsewhere in nature and incredibly beneficial to our health.

The first known use of honey was in Ancient Egypt around 40 B. C. It was a common food in most households and often used as a form of payment or tribute. Ancient Greeks used honey as balm for sores and cuts.

Honey contains not just anti-oxidants but a wide array of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It heals wounds, burns, cataracts, skin ulcers, sores and scrapes. It provides a protective barrier for wounds. It's a natural peroxide that kills bacteria and germs. It reduces inflammation. The amino acids and vitamin C speed the growth of healthy tissue. It's a natural source of energy. It enlivens the body, makes muscles stronger, refreshes nerves, cheers up, sharpens the mind and gives sound sleep. It helps reduce chest disorders, coughs, heavy breathing and insomnia and soothes sore throats.

Bee Pollen has anti-allergenic and anti-cancer properties. Amylase is an enzyme that helps the digestive system break down starches. And Propolis has anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

NOTE: Heating honey removes some of the best qualities. So if you want to cook or bake at more then 105 degrees, use the less expensive liquid honey. 

Raw Honey can be used: as a spread...as a topping...in tea or coffee...in frostings...in greek yogurt...in dressings...in whipped cream. (recipes are available, just ask)

Many alternative health care practitioners believe that LOCAL RAW honey, ingested over time will reduce your response to the pollens in your area. For our purposes, "local" is best within SE Wisconsin. Ours comes from the Milwaukee area.

PURE MAPLE SYRUP......legend has it the first maple syrup maker was an Iroquois woman, the wife of Chief Woksis. One late-winter morning, the story goes, the Chief headed out on one of his hunts, but not before yanking his tomahawk from the tree where he'd thrown it the night before. On this particular day the weather had turned quite warm causing the tree's sap to run and fill the container left beneath the tree. The woman spied the vessel and thinking it was plain water she cooked their evening meal in it. The boiling turned the sap to syrup flavoring the Chief's meal as never before. Thus began the tradition of making maple syrup.

Real Maple Syrup is a treasure. It is ONLY possible to produce it in the northern part of North America. Here the specific weather conditions to create the magic allows the watery sap to be transformed into the authentic golden syrup that can only be labeled PURE Maple Syrup.

Both Honey and Maple Syrup have advantages and disadvantages. Both have anti-oxidants. Maple Syrup has slightly less calories per tablespoon (52 vs 64). Maple Syrup has minerals like iron, zinc, manganeze and potassium while Honey as vitamin B-6 and C as well as fluoride and no fat.

It's your choice. Just eat sensibly and watch your calories and sugars.


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