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People always ask "what's your favorite flavor?

Since we make them all from scratch, each one is seasoned how we like them! Mostly we use a blend of spices from our friends at Herbco in Bristol, WI. We actually participate "hand's on" in the R & D of each tempting, tongue teasing tantalizing taste.

Whether it's sweet, spicy, salty or hot, we keep the flavors light so you can taste the Chip.

It's our pleasure to entertain you and your taste buds!

Our flavor selections...

Chips, Chips and more Chips...

Our chips are indeed made in a State licensed kitchen and we are registered with the FDA. Although we haven't sold $500,000 yet, and they don't require us to list nutritional information, we thought you'd like to have some idea. Did you know that the FDA recommended size snack portion is 1 - 1.5 ounces? That means you have a minimum of 6 servings in each of our bags! Cost-wise, that's about $1 per serving! And calorie count? In each bag there are approximately 60 chips of varying sizes. The recommended portion, for example, would be approximately 60 calories for the White Cheddar (CORN), 90 calories for the Cheddar n Bacon and chips like Apple Pie Crust, Pumpkin Pie Crust or Twisted Cinnamon! And, they're all ZERO trans fat! So, pick ANY bag, eat even half and you're way under 400 calories of tasty goodness!

Chips (8 oz) - $6 or
           4 for $20:        

Here are SOME of our flavors...CALL for availability
(there are over 40 flavors)

Apple Pie Crust
Twisted Cinnamon

Citrus Cilantro
Original (Kosher salted)
Salt & Vinegar

First Class Garlic
French Onion

Blue Cheese
Cheddar'n Bacon
Cheesiest Garlic
PubHouse Cheesy

Horseradish Dill
Sour Cream & Onion
Veggie Dill

Chipotle Lime
Some Like if HOT
Spicy Spinach
Wasabi Soy Ranch

Specialty Chips - $6 or
               4 for $20:          

Available by request...we make most chips a couple times a week. Ordering ahead typically get you "2 week" availability!

The following chips are examples of "seasonal" or by request:

  Blue Raspberry
Candy Cane Dusted
Cherry Pie
Pumpkin Pie Crust

CORN (6 oz)

We also make corn chips which are, to the best of our ability, kept away from the wheat flour (making them as "gluten free" as we can):

Garlic Buttered
BBq'd Bacon

       and more...

All of the above are also available for just $6 a bag.

With every purchase receive a sticker.

Save 5 stickers and save 5 bucks!
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