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 Chips offer a

"flavor for every mood"!

We also carry many flavors of Amish-made salsa, pickles, garlic, beets, jam, and relish - just to name a few.

We carry Raw Honey and varieties from around the country - Orange Blossom, Blueberry Blosson and more!
 Pure Maple Syrup is available as well.

To receive
"market pricing",
place your order and  
pick up at one of our market locations!

Contact us and we will respond ASAP - promise!

Fresh to you,
our Chips will stay crisp
for weeks - not just days!
It just depends on how fast YOU eat them...

Just $6 or
4 for $20!



Welcome to our online store!

Handcrafted Chips

Amish-made condiments

Raw Honey     Maple Syrup


Ask us about Granny's Lineup!

WisConian Delectables features unique products created or discovered by our family. 

Our hand-crafted Chips feature spices from leading spice houses in and around Wisconsin. Our ingredients are always fresh. Not only do you get delicious Chips, the scrumptious crumbles at the bottom of the bag (we call them scrumbs) can be used as salad and soup toppings as well as breading for various meats! The sweet ones, of course, are best used on ice cream :)

We currently offer over four dozen different melt-in-your-mouth taste sensations made from wheat flour tortillas which give them that light, crisp, "wow" you enjoy! 

Looking for a new flavor selection? Visit our market locations where we debut what we dream up so you can give us your opinion before it becomes a "regular".

Check out the following pages for flavors and the Amish items, honeys and maple syrup that we have available as well.

We accept Master Card, VISA, Discover and American Express. And we can ship to you your family or friends for a nominal fee - whatever it costs us.

Here are a few examples:

to Skokie, IL - 6 bags of chips and 1 salsa for $9.98

to Northern WI - 22 bags of chips shipped for $16.47
  to CA - 6 bags of chips and 2 salsas shipped for $24.87
to IN - 6 bags of chips and 2 salsas shipped for $19.35
to NJ - 6 bags of chips shipped for $18.02


"Bless you Anna....and thank you so much.  I marvel at your speed and efficiency. You're a woman of your word -- and a trusting soul.  Unique indeed.  I wish you all the success possible, and will contact you from time           to time.....and thanks for the calendar.  YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY.  THANK YOU!!!! My check will go out today. Keep up the good work -  and making these delicious wonders!" Kate in Skokie

"Love all the Delectables I got!  My husband,son, and daughter and I tested them all today. They passed! Yummy!  Thanks Anna!" Janet in Gurnee

 We live in Elkhart Lake, WI half the year and CA the other half.  Found Your Cheesiest Garlic Chips in Mars Cheese Shop on the way back to Elkhart from Chicago. LOVE THEM! Bev from Bell Canyon, CA

Don't delay!

Place your order now!

The proof is in the perfection

Feast your eyes on our

taste tempting choices...

Producing small batches of chips several times a week means our available flavors change a lot!

Ask for a list of the currently being made flavors by sending an email request to:

I promise I will get back to you as soon as I am able to.

Otherwise, if you know what you want, send an email order and tell me which market you'll pick up at or where I need to send items. I'll contact you personally for your credit card info and arrange shipping.

Thank you - Anna

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